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Rival Report 7/25: Peyton Manning cleared by NFL in Al Jazeera doping allegations

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In what should honestly be a surprise to nobody, the NFL has officially cleared Peyton Manning of any wrongdoing in the doping allegation that was originally reported by Al Jazeera. The NFL concluded that there was no credible evidence available to prove that Peyton Manning did indeed use HGH.

This shouldn't be a surprise because it was extremely unlikely for the NFL to condemn one of their biggest stars in the history of the game after his retirement. It also shouldn't be a surprise because the accuser has recanted his statement claiming HGH use by Manning and several other high profile athletes.

While the NFL has closed the book on Peyton Manning, a retired mega-star who had very little the NFL could do now to him, they have not ended investigations into other players named in the report like Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and James Harrison. Though the accuser has recanted all of his statements, the NFL is still looking closer into the allegations against current NFL players that can still be punished if credible evidence is discovered.

Peyton Manning has avidly denied any and all allegations against him since they were first aired by Al Jazeera back in December of last year. He has admitted to having treatments performed at The Guyer Institute back in 2011 but says that he used no banned substances and mainly was there for their hyperbolic chamber.

The original report claimed that the Human Growth Hormone was sent to his wife and the Manning's have always refused to comment on any of her medical treatments as they are confidential and she is not a professional athlete. The NFL has now concluded their investigation into Manning entirely though, allowing him to skate unscathed by the scandal into his retirement years.

N.F.L. Clears Peyton Manning of Doping Accusations - The New York Times
The league said that after a seven-month investigation it had found "no credible evidence" that Manning was provided with or had used prohibited substances.

NFL concludes Peyton Manning didn't use HGH, any other PEDs - ESPN
The NFL has determined that Peyton Manning did not use HGH or any other performance-enhancing drug banned under the league's policy.

NFL clears Peyton Manning after 7-month HGH investigation - USA Today
The NFL has cleared Peyton Manning after a seven-month investigation found no credible evidence he used human growth hormone or violated the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy, the league said Monday.

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