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Fan Poll: Choose punter for All-Raiders Team

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The Silver and Black have a long history of burying their opponents deep.

This is part 15 of Silver & Black Pride's All-Raiders Team fan poll and this installment focuses on the punters that have represented the franchise. The Raiders legendary punter Ray Guy changed the strategy of kicking away forever and is enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But other great punters followed wearing Silver and Black.

We'd like to ask Raider Nation to vote on an All-Time Raiders Team. The criteria is simple, select a player at each position you believe best embodied the essence of all things Silver and Black. The players you select did not have to win Super Bowls or be selected to Pro Bowls, just emulate the Greatness of the Raiders.

Below is a poll with some of the punters that have worn the colors. If you have another player in mind, simply add him in the comments and we will include your vote in the final tally. The top vote-getter at the position will be included on your All-Raiders Team.

Jeff Gossett Stats and Bio

Ray Guy Stats and Bio

Marquette King Stats and Bio

Shane Lechler Stats and Bio

If you haven't already voted in the offensive guard, offensive tackle, tight end, wide receiver, fullback, running backs, quarterback, defensive end or interior defensive linemen, inside linebackers, outside linebackers, cornerback. safety or place kicker polls, please do.