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Ranking the AFC West: Punter

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The top two punters are two of the best in the league. While the bottom two are both coming off poor seasons.

1. Chiefs - Dustin Colquitt

A one-time Pro Bowler, Dustin Colquitt has been one of the best punters in the league for a few years now. Last season he had a division best 40.8-yard net along with the most fair catches (21) and fewest returns (26).

2. Raiders - Marquette King

The above Colquitt brother may still be the best, but King is right on his heels. The difference between their punt yardage average as well as net punting were .1 in both categories. King’s 21 downed punts was by far the most in the division. He also led the division with 40 punts inside the 20-yard-line. Though, to be fair, King punted 8 more times than Dustin Colquitt so he had more opportunities.

3. Broncos - Britton Colquitt

Despite leading the division in punts last season (84), he had the worst punt average (43.6). He was also among the bottom two in every other category including net average (39.7), downed punts (12), punts inside the 20 (22), fair catches (16), and returns (36). Seventh round rookie Riley Dixson could make a push to replace Colquitt.

4. Chargers - Dan Kaser

Long time Mike Scifres left as a free agent. Kaser was the team's sixth round pick out of Texas A&M. Can't really place him above last being that we don't know what to expect from him yet. He still has to win the job over fellow rookie, undrafted Kasey Redfern.

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