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Rival Report 7/27: LA Rams troll former St Louis season ticket holders with merchandise email

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Maybe the Rams thought this fan's sign read "We Just Want our Rams hats and jerseys" - MAK - Photo by
Maybe the Rams thought this fan's sign read "We Just Want our Rams hats and jerseys" - MAK - Photo by
Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

What could make having your hometown team abandon your city for one that is over 1,800 miles away worse? Have that team then send you an email offering brand new merchandise because you were such a loyal season ticket holder until the very bitter end.

That is what some St. Louis Rams fans have had happen to them after the Los Angeles Rams used the wrong database to send out their merchandise email advertisement. Instead of sending the email to their new California fan base, they mistakenly sent it to their heartbroken fans in St. Louis.

Rams email

Needless to say, many of the St Louis fans were not happy about receiving this email. Can you even imagine how insulting that must have been for them? Thanks for spending all that money on us throughout the years and begging us to stay, even though we are in LA now we thought you might want to buy a hat!

Talk about infuriating. One St Louis Rams fan by the name of Todd Thrasher really encapsulated the spurned ex feeling the best in his response to this email.

"Sending an email wanting me to buy more gear right around the time I'd normally be getting my season tickets in the mail," Thrasher said to St Louis Today. "No surprise considering the way they've treated the fans and this city. I'm one of those long-time season ticket-holders who was lied to right to my face by (Kevin) Demoff. It was easy for me to just hit 'unsubscribe.' I just hope the Rams' organization didn't hide some malware in that 'unsubscribe' link!"

Yep, that one would definitely hurt. Nice way to treat your former fans Rams. Accident or not, that is some hardcore trolling right there. Then again, they could just be saying it was a mistake and really Stan Kroenke did it on purpose figuring that there would still be enough holdover Rams fans that maybe he could still make an extra buck from them.

Rams hawking team hats ... to St. Louis | Football |
Team says mass e-mail was mistakenly sent from old database.

NFL fans in St. Louis are upset over this email from the L.A. Rams | FOX Sports
One recipient thought it was a joke

Rams Accidentally, Mercilessly Troll Former St. Louis Fans With E-Mail Offer | NFL |
The Los Angeles Rams reopened fresh wounds with the simple click of a mouse. The newly relocated Rams angered fans in their former home region of St. Louis by offering discounted merchandise to former season ticket holders, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Tuesday.

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