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Ranking the AFC West: Head coach

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We’ve covered the players on the field. What about the man steering the ship?

1. Chiefs – Andy Reid

Easily the most accomplished head coach in the division with 17 year under his long belt. He has a career record of 161-110-1 as well as an 11-11 playoff record. He took several trips to the NFC Championship game in 14 seasons with the Eagles and broke through to the Super Bowl once, but couldn’t finish the job. Last season he did in Kansas City what seemed impossible – win a playoff game.

2. Broncos – Gary Kubiak

Some would argue the best thing Kubiak did last year was get out of Peyton Manning’s way. And we can sit a trash Kubiak for that, but the result was a Super Bowl ring, so it’s hard to argue the results, regardless of how they were reached. Over nine seasons as a head coach in Houston and Denver, Kubiak has a career winning record of 73-68 and a career winning record of 5-2 in the playoffs. He has made the playoffs three times as a head coach, and won a playoff game each time.

3. Raiders – Jack Del Rio

Del Rio deserves a great deal of credit for the Raiders’ turnaround last season. He showed last season that he is absolutely the right coach at the right time for the Raiders. He had marginal success in nine seasons in Jacksonville, though he does have a career losing record of 75-80 and in ten seasons as a head coach, has made the playoffs just twice, with a career record of 1-2.

4. Chargers – Mike McCoy

The Chargers were pretty bad last season – McCoy’s third at the helm. That 4-12 season dipped his record to a losing one (22-26) after having gone 9-7 over his first two seasons in San Diego. He even won his first playoff game as a head coach, giving him a 1-1 career record. He will need to rebound from last season or his seat will be very hot.

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