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Raiders vs Texans en Mexico agotaron en poco tiempo (sold out in minutes)

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Thursday the NFL put put the remaining tickets for the Raiders vs Texans game on November 21 in Mexico City. And they went fast. Really fast.

According to NFL Mexico; "La Respuesta de los aficionados fue increible, los boletos se agotaron en poco tiempo." Or in English "The response from fans was incredible. The tickets sold out in no time"

That's a lot of tickets, too. Azteca Stadium has an official capacity of 95,500 -- the third largest stadium in the world -- and they packed 103,467 fans into the stadium back in 2005 for the 49ers vs Cardinals.

The crowd figures to be heavily Silver & Black. The Raiders have long had a strong fan presence in Mexico due in part to their diverse and far reaching fan base and making their home in Oakland and Los Angeles over the years.

The game will be televised on ESPN's Monday Night Football