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Brian Dawkins believes Karl Joseph is most similar to himself

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Today, Eagles legend Brian Dawkins tweeted out that he believes Karl Joseph is the NFL player who would be most like him.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The good vibes just keep coming for the Oakland Raiders. Today, former Eagles and Broncos safety Brian Dawkins was asked by a fan on Twitter, "Who's the one player today that resembles you the most?" and this is how Dawkins responded:

It's interesting to note that Dawkins didn't go homer and name Denver's TJ Ward (a player I believe strongly resembles Dawkins) or whatever sack of potatoes the Eagles are starting at strong safety. He went with Joseph, a player who hasn't even played a single NFL game. This is extremely high praise and lofty expectations for the young Raiders safety.

Raider fans would be ecstatic if Joseph had a career like Dawkins had. The Eagles legend played for sixteen seasons, amassing 37 interceptions, 26 sacks, 895 total tackles and a legacy of instilling fear in any receiver who was brave or foolish enough to come over the middle.

Dawkins was certainly one of the player comps that I frequently saw during Joseph's draft evaluations (Bob Sanders being the other), but some felt he was too small to consistently deal out the sort of beatings that Dawkins did. However, Joseph is a mere two inches shorter and five pounds lighter than Dawkins was in his playing days, so perhaps those concerns are unfounded.

It's good when a player the Raiders draft is compared by analysts to one of the all-time greats, but to hear it from the greats themselves makes it extra special. Here's hoping Joseph can live up to the standard set by Dawkins and cause as much fear and havoc as the legend. Here are some Brian Dawkins highlights in case you weren't pumped up enough about the 2016 Raiders season.

and here are some Karl Joseph highlights for comparison.