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Fan Poll: Select All-Raiders Team offensive tackles

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Oakland may have the best offensive line in pro football heading into September, but who does Raider Nation think were the standard bearers of the offensive line?

Oakland Raiders offensive lineman Gene Upshaw
Oakland Raiders offensive lineman Gene Upshaw

Recently we ran a series asking fans which one player from each of the organization's first five decades they would add to the current roster. The responses were very enthusiastic and demonstrated a rich understanding of the Raiders legendary players. Going forward, we'd like to ask Raider Nation to vote on an All-Time Raiders Team.

The criteria is simple, select a player at each position you believe best embodied the essence of all things Silver and Black.

The players you select did not have to win Super Bowls or be selected to Pro Bowls, just emulate the Greatness of the Raiders.

Looking back over Raiders history, unquestionably Hall of Fame left tackle Art Shell was far and away the best ever manning the blind side. But which right tackle should be on the All-Time Raiders team?

Below is a poll with some of the legendary right tackles that have worn the colors. If you have another player in mind simply your alternate selection in the comments and we will include your vote in the final tally. The top vote-getter at RT will be included on the All-Raider O-line.

Consider, if you will, some of Al Davis' famous quotes when choosing:

1) Pride and Poise

2) Commitment to excellence

3) You don't adjust. You dominate.

Here are some links to scroll through the players' history

Bruce Davis (RT) stats and bio

Lincoln Kennedy (RT) stats and bio

Henry Lawrence (RT) stats and bio

Harry Schuh (RT) stats and bio

John Vella (RT) stats and bio