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Amari Cooper, Derek Carr bonding as roomies at Raiders training camp

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Raiders young offensive stars spending a lot more time together these days.

Derek Carr and Amari Cooper have taken their relationship to the next level – moving in together. The Raiders two young offensive stars are doing everything they can to bond and that included requesting to be roommates for training camp.

Carr was already bragging during minicamp that Cooper has been a lot more talkative with him these days. He said Cooper opens up to him, even though Coop hasn’t quite come out of his shell for the media.

"Me and ‘Coop,’ were kicking it, having long, drawn out conversations as he does with you guys," Carr said with a laugh. "Getting really deep talking to each other. Finding out what’s really in there. No I’m just kidding, but we are roommates. We’re having a good time, man. It’s good to come back and just talk ball with him. He tells me his goals, I share my stuff with him and we’re able to… I know how he thinks. I know how he likes to go about his business. I know what he likes to do off the field. Him and I should have the best relationship ever."

"Just getting to know each other more," Amari Cooper added. "It’s always a good thing. We get to talk more. So I guess basically that’s the biggest thing. We talk about each other as a person and then we talk about the plays that we run. We just get to talk more."

"That chemistry. Getting as close to each other as we can and just building a better relationship so that it correlates on the field."

One person who is happy about these two requesting to be roommates is offensive coordinator, Bill Musgrave.

"I think all that interaction helps their rapport," said Musgrave. "They talk football, they talk life. It’s a good thing. Back in the day Steve Young and Brent Jones were roommates for years the night before the game. It’s just good as those two young players grow together to be more productive."

"Those guys are real assertive, they take initiative to get better. They live near one another out there on 680. They throwing together out there at parks all the time where there’s no lines on the field. They just like football and they want to be great."

Cooper had an uncharacteristic number of drops last year – second most in the league. Carr continued to trust him throughout the season, but it’s up to Cooper to reward him for that trust. Getting inside each other’s heads is the best way to do that.