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Malcolm Smith held up his end, but AFC defense shut out on Celebrity Family Feud

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Sunday night the two episodes of celebrity Family Feud that featured Raiders Malcolm Smith and Amari Cooper aired on ABC. Both players saw two questions in the game with two very different results.

Smith teamed up with fellow AFC West rivals from the Broncos (Von Miller), Chiefs (Tamba Hali) and Chargers (Melvin Ingram) along with free agent AJ Hawk. And while Smith and Hali were poised and offered intelligent answers to the questions posed to them, the same couldn’t be said for their teammates.

They were already down 160-0 when Hali stepped up for the buzzer round. He was asked “Name something some people do sexier than others” which he rang in quick with “walk”. It was the number two answer and the defense got had their shot.

Smith was up next and he said “Talk” which was on the board at number six. Ingram was next and he said “Make love” EEHHH! one strike.

Then came Von Miller... Oh, Von Miller. He said “Drive”. This gave host Steve Harvey pause and then the NFC Defense lost it. Pierre Garcon was in hysterics. It’s well worth the watch as I swear it gets funnier every time I watch it.

#Broncos Von Miller gets clowned for his answer on @familyfeudabc It gets funnier every time I watch it.

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This gave the defense two strikes and it was back to Hali, who once again saved the day, offering “Dance”, prompting AJ Hawk to say “I thought that was already up there” (no wonder he’s still a free agent). Dance was the number one answer.

It was back to Malcolm Smith after that. He said “Smile” and, knowing it was a good answer exclaimed “Do NOT run the play on Malcolm’s side on fourth and goal, cuz you aint gettin in.” Smile was number four on the board.

With that the defense was within two answers of getting some much needed points. But then Melvin Ingram happened.

“Run”. He said “Run”. EEHHH! The offense would steal it with “Kiss” and that sealed the victory for the offense and sent the AFC defense home with a goose egg.

The AFC offense vs the NFC defense aired immediately after, and while as a team they did better, Cooper personally fared much worse. He too was asked a question twice — the same one; “Name someone you are glad you only see about once a year.” And he buzzed in, but froze up, offering no answer.

Amari saw the question again later in the same round. He had no answer then either, giving his team two strikes. They would get three strikes and the defense would steal. Amari and the AFC offense would lose 534-79.

Thanks for playing, guys. Better luck next time.