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Former Raiders washout DeAngelo Hall tells new Warrior Kevin Durant not to become Raiders fan

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Most professional sports players are finding themselves defending Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder — where he spent the first nine years of his NBA career — for a chance at an NBA Championship with the Warriors.

Some are congratulating him personally on his decision. DeAngelo Hall was one of those, but he added a little jab at the team he once spent half a season getting torched by opposing receivers.

Hall has a unique perspective on such matters. He did a sign and trade from the Falcons to the Raiders back in 2008 that made him one of the league’s highest paid corners and sent the Raiders 34th overall pick to Atlanta.

Raiders fans were excited at the prospect of watching Hall and Nnamdi Asomugha shut down opposing receivers. While Asomugha was his usual All Pro self, Hall was an absolute disaster. He would get burnt on nearly every play. So badly, in fact, that he lasted just 8 games before being dumped.

‘MeAngelo’ made $8 million for those eight games and then took his talents to Washington where suddenly he was back to playing good football. Perhaps Oakland just wasn’t a good fit. Or perhaps Hall just refused to try and make it work.

Then again, the “Skins 4 life” Virginia Tech alum may have had Washington as his final destination all along. With a quick $8 million layover in Oakland.