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Ike Taylor just said what we already knew: Raiders have best helmets, jerseys in NFL

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In the midst of a lot of bitter discussions across the country about colors like Black, White, and Blue, the two colors the NFL Network is talking about is Silver & Black.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Friday Ike Taylor on NFL Now listed his top three helmets and top three jerseys and guess who topped both lists? That’s right, the Oakland Raiders.

For helmets, his top three were

1. Raiders

2. Rams

3. Buccaneers

And for jerseys his top three were

1. Raiders

2. Seahawks

3. Giants

Important to note that Taylor, being a former Pittsburgh Steeler, prefaced both of his top three lists by saying his producers told him he could not choose the Steelers. I imagine he would feel pressured to pick his former team so as not to anger the fans if he didn’t.

Though you’d have to think the Steelers helmet and jersey would have ranked up there regardless. They have the same kind of history and classic style the Raiders uniforms do.

That classic Silver & Black style will be tinkered with this year when the Raiders play on Thursday night and they will don their ‘Color Rush’ jerseys for the first time. Though the recent supposed leak of the primary color has them donning black which would suggest not a major departure from their iconic color scheme.