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Raiders preseason week 1 Ballers & Busters vs Cardinals: Part two

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The second half of the Raiders first 2016 preseason B&B against the Cardinals.



Amari Cooper

His first two passes fell incomplete. The first one came on 3rd and 11 up the left sideline and he caught it but didn't keep both feet inbounds. Carr tried it again on the first play of the next drive and Cooper short-armed it for the drop. The only catch he had was in the right flat for a six-yard gain.

David Amerson

There were two big plays on the Cardinals opening drive -€” both were made possible by Amerson. He gave up a 30-yard catch followed immediately by whiffing on a run by David Johnson that went for 23 yards. Those two plays put the Cards in scoring position and they got on the board first with a field goal.


‘The McDonald boys'

That's what Jack Del Rio called Dexter and Dewey McDonald the other day. Both have had a good camp. They had equally poor performances in the game Friday. The Cardinals first touchdown drive was brought to your by McDonalds: They're lovin' it.

Dexter was blocked on a run by Andre Ellington that went for 35 yards. Then Dewey was late to get over, then missed the tackle on the tight end who rumbled for 32 yards. Dewey nearly gave up the touchdown on the next play, as the tight end got open behind him, but the Drew Stanton pass was too high. So instead it was Dexter who missed the tackle on a 5-yard run for the score.

Dewey would add his mistakes to special teams where he was called for holding on a return. The next time the Raiders were on defense, he missed a tackle that helped extend a screen pass for a 16-yard gain. Luckily the Cardinals missed the 41-yard field goal.

The next long drive for the Cardinals led out the second half and it had the same sponsor. This time it was Matt Barkley who was lovin' it. Dexter gave up a 10-yard catch to get things started. Then he didn't switch in the zone to allow a 21-yard catch. Dewey took the baton on next play, going for the ball and arriving late so he didn't just give up the catch, but allowing the receiver to run for a 30-yard gain. Dexter's best play was getting held on the Cardinals touchdown run. The next play, Thorpe bailed them out with an interception at the goal line.

Dexter added giving up a 9-yard catch on third and 8 on the next drive. It wasn't until fourth string quarterback Jake Coker entered the game that these two managed to not look terrible.

Neiron Ball, Shilique Calhoun

The McDonald Boys may have been up to no good in the Cardinals first touchdown drive, but they had some cohorts in Ball and Calhoun. The 35-yard run by Ellington was first made possible by Calhoun who whiffed on the tackle at the line, then Ball who was handled on the block along with Dexter. The touchdown run at the end had Calhoun blocked, Dexter missing the tackle, and Ball driven through for the final push over the goal line.

Later in the second quarter, Calhoun was again blocked on a 14-yard run. The following drive, Ball gave up catches of 15 yard, and 8 yards on third and six.

Matt McCants

His very first play of the game he was knocked down by the defender to give up a run stuff. The first play of the next series, he gave up another pressure that aided in DeAndre Washington being dropped for a loss of two. The next series, he gave up a pressure around the outside that force McGloin to step up into the pocket and hurry his throw which fell incomplete. His next series, he was beat around the outside again and was called for illegal hands to the face. It came on third down and negated a catch that would have resulted in a first down. Four straight series with a blown assignment is a face plant.

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