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Raiders LB Ben Heeney welcomes new baby girl

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Just days after Heeney took the field for the first time as the Raiders starting middle linebacker, he welcomed his second Heeney baby into the world. He announced the birth this morning and just a bit ago posted a photo on his Instagram account. Her name is Blake Elizabeth Heeney.

Ben Heeney baby

This time last year, I was saying that Ben Heeney's life was pretty damn good. He graduated from Kansas University, got drafted in the fifth round by the Raiders, got engaged to Taylor Alderson, and the two welcomed their first child into the world -- Tatum Clarke Heeney. This offseason was a bit rough for Heeney. He got in a car accident on his way to church back in March and weeks later lost his best friend and former teammate to suicide.

He escaped the car accident unharmed and things have looked up since then. He was named the Raiders starting middle linebacker this offseason and has lined up there throughout camp and in the preseason opener last Friday. Congratulations to Ben and Taylor on their newest addition. She's absolutely gorgeous.