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Silver & Black Pride community Fantasy Football league

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It's that time of year again people! Time to start the annual fantasy football leagues, and we have decided that we would put together some of our own this year. There are very limited spots available so get in while you can!

We will be running a couple of 12 team leagues for sure this year, one with myself as the commissioner and another with Silver & Black Pride contributor Tyler Green. As one can imagine, these leagues tend to fill up very fast so click the links below to join as soon as possible to ensure you get a team.

Tyler's league drafts tonight at 8pm PT. To join his league click on this link:

My league will draft tomorrow at 4pm PT. To join my league clink on this link:

It is very important to us that you only participate in one of these leagues so that as many people can join in the fun as possible. If they fill up fast and we have a lot of people that want to join then we will consider starting more leagues at a later time.

If you want to join but don't get in fast enough please leave a comment so we can properly gauge interest in starting any more leagues than these two.

These are free leagues meant for fun, so make sure to be cordial if you join. We will look forward to competing against you and see who enjoys the pride of winning their league. It is always good competition whenever we create these leagues so be ready for some fun!