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Raiders LB Ben Heeney offers encouraging words after practice injury: "I'm good!"

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There have been a few injuries since the Raiders first preseason game Friday. It seems like all we're talking about at the moment. And that conversation only continued when Ben Heeney went down in practice and limped to the training room.

After practice was over, he was seen heading from the practice field and presumably to receive an X-ray and/or an MRI. Then not more than an hour later, he took to twitter with two encouraging words: "I'm good!"

What that means specifically is up for some interpretation, but if the injury were significant, that's not the tone he would have right now.

It could simply mean the tests were negative; offering Heeney a sigh of relief. It could still mean we may not see Heeney in the preseason as the team is allowed a few weeks of cushion as a precaution before the regular season opener in New Orleans.