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Former Raiders longtime CEO Amy Trask's new book "You Negotiate Like a Girl" released

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There are a few 'must-read' books for Raiders fans out there and now you can add one to that list.

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Amy Trask's new book "You Negotiate Like a Girl: Reflections on a Career in the National Football League" has just been released and it is chock full of stories only someone who spent a quarter century inside the Raiders organization and 16 years as the franchise CEO could tell.

Dubbed "The Princess of Darkness", Trask was Al Davis's top executive and fiercest ally. And therefore the stories she has to tell offer a peak behind the shroud of secrecy that masked the Raiders under Davis.

"I was a Raider for almost 30 years," Trask told me. "The book includes anecdotes, memories, thoughts, reflections, etc. Some anecdotes are funny, some serious, some very special to me.  And while I speak to issues that Al and I argued about for decades, I describe how furious we became with one another, I believe that the depth of my affection for this special man comes through, loudly and clearly."

In 2013 -- two years after Al Davis's death -- Trask stepped down from her post as the first and only ever Chief Executive in NFL history and continued her career as an analyst for CBS's NFL coverage.

As she says "Once things settled down a bit", she set about putting the book together with the help of longtime sportswriter, Mike Freeman. Hey, if you had spent that much time as part of a franchise with the mystique of the Raiders with the most enigmatic owner in NFL history, you might have a few stories you'd like to tell too.

Stories like when she was "bed checked" by Willie Brown. Or the time she got a letter from NFL head of officials Mike Pereira who chastised her for her for yelling at an official during a game.

She and Mike Pereira both had books come out this month and recently Trask joked (sort of) to him recently that he should have titled his book "It was a fumble" in reference to the tuck rule debacle which happened under Pereira's watch.

Yeah, you could say she is a pretty passionate defender of the Raiders. And the fans respected her for it immensely. That admiration is mutual.

"I share my appreciation for Raider Nation," said Trask. "And I credit Raider Nation for being my greatest ally on a very important project. Together, we all accomplished something significant."

You can purchase "You Negotiate Like a Girl" on Amazon RIGHT HERE or at Barnes & Noble book stores.