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Raiders vs. Packers Second Half open thread

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A lackluster effort by the Raiders' first team leaves them trailing heading into the second half.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders may only be down by a few points, but they would probably be down a lot more if Aaron Rodgers were playing. Oakland has looked tired and sluggish and shown little effort overall, particularly on defense where they've been pushed around by a solid Packers offensive line. They haven't given up a ton of big plays but they haven't looked capable of getting any of their own. Latavius Murray went down way too easily and the receivers haven't made the big catches necessary.

Now it's time for the Raiders' backups to shine, as they did against the Cardinals last week. If they can't do any better than the starters, we're in for a long week with a lot of questions going into Week 3 of preseason against the Titans.

Oakland will get the ball to begin the second half, so maybe the offense can give the rest of the team a spark by coming up with a big drive.