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Raiders preseason week two Ballers & Busters vs Packers

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Recounting the best and worst performances of the Raiders preseason week two loss to the Packers.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday's game in Green Bay wasn't pretty if you're the Raiders. Even with the Packers sitting many of their starting, including Aaron Rodgers, they still dominated the Raiders on their way to a 20-12 win.

The Packers marched down the field on the opening drive for a touchdown and the Raiders offense could never get going enough to catch up. They responded with a field goal and neither team could get anything going on offense for the rest of the first half.

With the second half, it was more of the same. The Packers led out with a drive for a touchdown and it was 17-3 heading into the fourth quarter. The only touchdown the Raiders scored in the game was on special teams.


Khalil Mack

Mack lands in the top spot and it wasn't even close. And most of his damage was done in the second quarter when he made a big play on all four Packers' possessions. He probably would have had a tackle for loss on a run on the first drive, but he was held (there was no call).

The first series of the second quarter, Mack hit Brett Hundley just after he released the ball, re-injuring Hundley's ankle. On the next play, Mack got in the backfield to make a run stuff for a 2-yard loss. He had another run stuff for a loss of one on the next series to help force a three-and-out.

The next series was his best, starting it off with a sack for an 8-yard loss and then getting pressure again on the next play that had Packers QB Joe Callahan flagged for intentional grounding. That a ten-yard penalty with a loss of downs, which is as good as a sack. Those two plays put the Packers in 3rd and 31 and they didn't even bother to try and pick it up.

Mack then, fittingly, ended the first half by flying out to the flat to assist in a tackle on a short catch to force a punt.

Sean Smith

Smith gave up two catches in the game and had great coverage on both of them. The only one that hurt was the first one that went for six yards on third and five to keep the first drive alive.

He played a major role in stopping the next drive with a tackle for loss on a run followed by the other catch he gave up which was just plain bad luck. He defended the pass perfectly, batting the ball from the receiver, but the ball flipped up and the receiver pulled it in anyway. However, it went for just 7 yards on third and 11, so the result was still a three-and-out. It was Smith who made the tackle to end the first half that Mack assisted on.

Nate Allen

Allen has played these first two preseason games like he has something to prove. Probably because he does. Just as in the opener, Karl Joseph left before the rest of the first team defense. Once the second quarter started, Allen was in at safety. On the second play, Allen came up to smack the running back at the line for no gain. A few plays later, he stopped a catch short of the first down. The Packers went for it on fourth down. Callahan rolled out right and his primary target was the tight end, but Nate Allen was there, so the QB opted instead to throw the ball away.

Those plays were great, but his biggest play came on special teams. Which brings us to...

Marquette King, Brynden Trawick

Late in the fourth quarter, with the Raiders down 20-6, King launched a 66-yard punt that was fielded at the Packers' 7-yard-line and returned to the 16. A defensive stand by the Raiders kept the Packers backed up to their own goal line where they were forced to punt. Trawick shed his blocker and dove in to block the punt. Allen alertly chased the ball down and dove on it in the end zone for the Raiders' only touchdown of the game.

Greg Townsend Jr

He played the final 12 defensive snaps of the game, and he made the most of them. In those 12 snaps, he finished tied for fifth on the team with 3 solo tackles. His first play in the game, he sealed the outside edge to force the run inside where Cory James stopped him for a loss of one. The next play, he made the tackle to stop a catch for at 3 yards. The series ended with an incompletion on the next play for a three-and-out.

After the big King punt and a Daren Bates tackle for loss, the Packers lined up inside their own 20-yard-line in 2nd and 17. They would get none of that back as Townsend stuffed the run attempt for no gain to help set up the blocked punt for the touchdown. Townsend had one more run stuff on the Packers' final drive.

Honorable mention

Connor Cook -€” If not for the interception he threw, he would have been a Baller. Otherwise he played well, leading them on their first scoring drive since their opening drive and finished with a team leading 6 for 9 for 101 yards.

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