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Raiders preseason week two Ballers & Busters vs Packers: Part two

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The second part of this week's B&B where we deliver the bad news.

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Derek Carr

On the Raiders' opening drive, Carr threw a 4-yard pass to Michael Crabtree and a gorgeous 20-yard completion to Amari Cooper. Carr stayed in the entire first half and had a grand total of 14 yards passing the rest of the way. Just so you know that's not a typo, I said fourteen yards.

That first drive ended with Carr looking for Seth Roberts who was double covered, and threw it over his head and out of bounds. His next completion was a 4-yard screen attempt on 3rd and 14.

His next pass attempt, he saw Cooper in single coverage over up the middle on a post route. Carr said he sensed pressure from his right, but there was still enough time for him to plant and step into his throw. Instead he put a high arching pass up for grabs that caused Cooper to slow on his route. Cooper misplayed it and it was intercepted.

His next two passes were a 6-yard throw to Taiwan Jones and a 7-yard dump off to Marcel Reece on third and 17. His final drive of the game he attempted to force a pass to a well-covered Andre Holmes up the right sideline that was defended and he finished up with a pass into the flat to Jamize Olawale on third and four that went for two yards. I think that GIF of MJD on the sideline would be appropriate for this day.

Ben Heeney, Bruce Irvin

That first drive was brutal for these two. On the first play of the game, Bruce Irvin let the running back go right by him and into open space for an easy 13-yard screen play. Two plays later, Irvin and Heeney were both blocked on a 20-yard Eddie Lacy run. Then on third and two, Heeney was sent way upfield on a block to give up a six-yard run. Irvin did have a pressure for an incompletion and a run stuff for no gain on the drive, but it wasn't nearly enough as the Packers drove for a game opening touchdown.

I'd love to say things looked up after that, but they didn't. Though Irvin did get a pressure on their second series to help Sean Smith make a tackle for loss and the Packers went three-and-out.

The following drive was brutal again. Heeney was again handled on the block, this time for a 24-yard run. This time it wasn't even Eddie Lacy anymore; it was James Starks. A few plays later, Irvin had a missed tackle and Heeney was blocked again to allow a 5-yard run. But thanks to a Mack tackle for loss, the Packers were stopped short and on fourth down, Irvin stayed in pursuit of the quarterback trying to improvise and the drive ended without a score.

It wasn't until late in the first half, when the Packers were fielding their third and fourth team running backs and third team quarterback that these two really started making plays. By then the Packers had put up 71 yards on the ground.

Rodney Hudson

On the Raiders' first drive, he was to be a lead blocker and opted to go down low instead. It didn't work and Latavius Murray was stopped for a 2-yard gain. Hudson gave up another run stuff on Murray on the next series. A couple series, later, Derek Carr scrambled up the middle and looked to have a big play. Unfortunately that hole was brought to you by a Hudson holding. I didn't see a single run past two yards in which Hudson was the lead blocker.

Mychal Rivera

In the third quarter McGloin threw for him over the middle on 3rd and 8 and Rivera flat out dropped it. To begin the fourth quarter, he missed his block to allow a stop on a pitch to DeAndre Washington for a 2-yard gain. Later in the same drive, he went in the wrong gap, which allowed Washington to be stuffed for a loss.

Matt McGloin

He entered in the third quarter and played just six snaps. That was two series. He wasn't on the same page with his receiver on his first two passes; having a pass go behind Ryan O'Malley and incomplete and to Andre Holmes before he had made his break. Hard to tell if the receivers were also to blame for that, but it wasn't pretty.

His second series was a pass for a 1-yard loss to Washington that was well defended, and a 3-yard pass to Johnny Holton. His final pass was the one dropped by Rivera. McGloin went 2 for 5 for 2 total yards.

Latavius Murray

Yeah, his blocking was pretty atrocious, but he wasn't helping any either. His first stopped run he appeared to choose the wrong gap, opting for the C/RG gap instead of the RG/RT gap, and was stuffed for a two yard gain. The next play Carr went to him on a swing pass out right. It was well covered by the Packers defense, but Murray didn't fight for any yards; going down easily for a 4-yard loss.

By the end of the first quarter, he had run 4 times for 8 yards (2.0 yards per carry) and finished with six carries for 19 yards (3.2 yards per carry), below his poor average late last season (3.3 ypc).

Cory James

His day began with him missing a tackle on a ten-yard run on the first defensive play of the third quarter. He put the bookend on that drive, when he was flat out ran over for the final five yards of a ten-yard touchdown run. The next drive he was blocked to allow an 11-yard screen on third and 6.

Amari Cooper

Coop lands here for his utter lack of effort on the high arching interception from Carr. He should have at very least turned defender and attempted to knock the ball down. Instead Packers cornerback Damarious Randall picked off the ball easily, with Cooper barely getting a hand on him on his way to the turf to prevent a big return. Coop's feet never left the ground. He didn't even put his arms up. He just watched it sail over his head. Not good.

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