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Rival Report 8/22: Denver Broncos QB competition far from over

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Entering the 3rd week of the preseason most teams know who their starting QB for the season is going to be. The Denver Broncos are not like most teams though as their QB competition is still raging on. Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian, and Paxton Lynch are all still in the running to start for Denver and the season is just around the corner.

There are a number of outlets reporting their belief that Trevor Siemian is the guy who will start Week 1, but there are also a lot of people that believe Paxton Lynch should just start with no clear cut favorite standing out fully yet. You can say that Lynch is still too raw and not ready to start, but Siemian as the favorite nullifies part of that argument. Siemian is only in his 2nd year after being drafted in the 7th round last year, it's not like he is chalk full of NFL experience himself.

After having used a 1st round pick on Paxton Lynch in this year's draft, it's clear Denver thinks he is the QB of the future. Why wait if neither of the other guys in front of him have stepped up to earn the job without question. The Broncos have plenty of playmakers on their offense and are built on having a dominant defense, they are in a position where they could handle the growing pains of a rookie passer.

When the choices are a veteran QB in Sanchez who hasn't stood out amongst two QB's with zero starting experience in the NFL, a 2nd year 7th round pick, or your 1st round pick from this year it seems pretty clear. The Broncos have 2 weeks left to figure it out either way, but don't be surprised when Lynch ends up playing this year despite being a raw prospect for a 1st round draft pick.

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Most pressing is the fact that the defending Super Bowl champions are now one month into training camp, and have played two exhibition games, and do not have a clear leader at quarterback.

An Unusual Quarterback Vacancy, and Unlikely Candidates, for the Denver Broncos - The New York Times
Trevor Siemian, a seventh-round draft pick from 2015, is competing with Mark Sanchez for the chance to lead the defending Super Bowl champion.

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This little competition was fun to talk about and made cute stories, but enough is enough. The other two don’t and won’t cut it.

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You should be because it is rolling.

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