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Watch 2015 film breakdown: Amari Cooper destroys Marcus Peters

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SB Nation's Brett Kollman breaks down tape of fellow rookies Amari Cooper and Marcus Peters with some surprising results.

Those teams in the AFC West as well as those who cover them may have been spoiled a bit with some of the talent in the division. First and foremost, the division is home to arguably the top three pass rushing outside linebackers in the NFL -- Khalil Mack, Von Miller, and Justin Houston.

One match-up that may have gone somewhat underappreciated was pitting the leagues top rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper against the top rookie defensive back and Defensive Rookie of the Year, Marcus Peters.

You would think that would be a pretty hard fought back and forth between those two in both of their match-ups last season. But when SB Nation's Brett Kollman broke down the film, he saw that battle as being a lot more one-sided than perhaps he expected.

His analysis is made all the more shocking when you consider in two meetings, Cooper caught just 6 of 13 passes thrown his way for 89 yards and no touchdowns with the Raiders getting swept by the Chiefs. Peters also had one of his eight interceptions in the two teams' first meeting in Oakland.