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Raiders begin regular season routine today

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The Raiders take the next step in preparing for the 2016 season this week.

As of today, the Raiders begin preparing for their preseason game against the Titans in the same fashion they would prepare for a game in the regular season. The major difference from preparing for a preseason game is instead of planning to do things with the intention of gauging his own players and team, Jack Del Rio will prepare his team to face a specific opponent.

“We’ll simulate what a typical in season work day looks like, typical in-season work week,” said Jack Del Rio.

“Might be a tweak here or there. The coaches present and how they present their information and how long they take, we like to leave a little individual time, it’s all part of the process. It’s good for us as coaches, too, how we put our game plan together, how we break an opponent down, all those things. We’re simulating a game week in terms of when we meet, how we meet, what information we’re going to give them, how they find their different cut ups and things. How we prepare as an organization for a typical game week, that’s what we’re going to simulation this week.”

It’s the third week of the preseason, which means the starters will see their most playing time. The starters are expected to see about three quarters of work and we will get our best indication yet of what kind of team the Raiders will be fielding.

The team will hit the practice field today at 2:05 following noon press conferences from Del Rio and Derek Carr and requested assistant coaches.

Even with the game week preparation, and the extended playing time for the starters, there will still be the matter of player evaluation. After all, the first cutdown occurs on August 30, just three days after the game. Though most of the tough roster cut decisions will occur after the fourth preseason game on September 3.