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Brawls already breaking out in Rams LA stadium, including Chiefs fans fighting each other

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Two preseason games in Los Angeles have both been accompanied by brawling fans.

Hey, remember how everyone liked to blame Raiders fans for the violence in the stands at game while they were in LA? Well, after just two games in Los Angeles, Rams games could be proving that maybe targeting Raiders fans in particular was a bit unfair.

The Rams’ first preseason game was against the Cowboys, who have their training camp right up the freeway in Oxnard. And a vicious brawl broke out between Rams and Cowboys fans in the stands.

The next week, the Rams hosted their now former in-state rival Chiefs. This time, you can’t even blame it on Rams fans because this fight was between Chiefs fans. The only role Rams fans played was trying to break up the fight.

This is the non-family-friendly environment so many of those in LA who opposed the Raiders returning to LA feared. But it would appear those fears were misplaced. Maybe it’s just something about LA. Or maybe it’s just something about mixing alcohol, assholes, and anger.