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First Raiders Las Vegas stadium renderings have very familiar look about them

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Today some renderings surfaced of how the Raiders Las Vegas stadium will supposedly look. And hmm...

Whenever a team looks to move, the renderings are soon to follow. There were even renderings for the stadium St Louis wanted to build for the Rams who were intent on leaving town.

So, of course, with the SNTIC set to meet today, renderings of what the proposed stadium will look like have been 'revealed' by ESPN senior writer, Arash Markazi. And there’s something VERY familiar about them.

Las Vegas stadium rendering

Las Vegas Raiders stadium rendering

If it seems like you've seen this before, it's because you have. This is basically the same renderings as the proposed Carson stadium below:

Update: All other renderings revealed soon after don't have the same gold hue as the first rendering which suggests the person who did the rendering was going for a sunset reflection effect.

New Carson stadium rendering
New Carson stadium renderings

Markazi attributes the similarities to the idea that if Mark Davis liked the first one, he would use the same design again; which I suppose makes sense. The one major thing missing from these new renderings is the dome.

Update: Though the top picture doesn't appear to have a dome, other renderings in the packet that weren't in the initial renderings released have a dome on the stadium.

Keep in mind, they have yet to even settle on a stadium site yet. The Raiders reportedly prefer either the Russell Road site or the Bali Hai site while the Mayor of Las Vegas is said to favor other sites.