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Rival Report 8/25: No end in sight for standoff between Joey Bosa and Chargers

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Watching the chaos between the Chargers and their number 1 pick Joey Bosa play out for me has been an almost unhealthy level of spiteful joy at the Bolts' expense. The petty back and forth between these two has been tantalizing since training camp has begun and the end is nowhere in sight. Not only is there no agreement in place between the two sides, the best deal offered from San Diego has now been pulled from the table altogether.

This is the first prolonged holdout of the new rookie wage scale CBA era and honestly it should never have happened in the first place. It all started two months ago when the Chargers offered 60% of the signing bonus to be paid out when the contract was signed and the other 40% to be paid out by late March. They also have been hell bent on including "off-set" language that would allow the Chargers to get out of paying Bosa guaranteed money if he were to be cut before his 4th year of his rookie contract.

Joey Bosa and his agent Brian Ayrault of CAA were having absolutely none of it, like not even a tiny bit of it. They wanted one of two things, either the off-set language to be removed or to have the entire $17M signing bonus paid in full when he signed. The Chargers have balked at those requests just as emphatically and then voila! Impasse complete.

Things have gotten a whole lot harrier now after the Chargers took their negotiating platform public to try and smear Joey Bosa and company into signing off on their deal. Here is the Chargers statement on the matter in full:

The San Diego Chargers issued the following statement regarding the contract negotiations with 2016 first-round selection Joey Bosa:

Our contract discussions and offers to the representatives of Joey Bosa have been both fair and structurally consistent with the contracts of every other Chargers player.

Our offer included:

1. An initial signing bonus payment that is larger than any player in the League has received in the last two drafts.

2. More money in this calendar year than every player in this year's draft except one (QB Carson Wentz).

3. The largest payment and the highest percentage of signing bonus received in the first calendar year of any Chargers' first-round selection since the inception of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (2011).

We gave Joey's representatives our best offer last night, which was rejected today.  The offer that we extended was for Joey to contribute during all 16 games and beyond.  Joey's ability to contribute for an entire rookie season has now been jeopardized by the valuable time he has missed with his coaches and his teammates. Since Joey will not report at this time, his ability to produce not just early in the season, but throughout the entire season, has been negatively impacted.

As a result, we will restructure our offer since Joey will be unable to contribute for the full 16 game season without the adequate time on the practice field, in the classroom, and in preseason games.

The Chargers did come up on their offer all the way to paying 85% of the signing bonus up front but the Bosa camp still is unwavering in wanting more than that. Joey Bosa did say they would agree to slightly less than 100% of the signing bonus but the 85% still wasn't enough for their liking. After that the Chargers pulled their deal altogether with the threat of only negotiating down from then on due to the likelihood of Bosa missing regular season action now.

This is about as ugly of a stalemate as it gets in contract disputes, especially now that the Chargers went so public with it which is generally a "no-no" in negotiations like this. At this point it is clear that both sides are all about setting a precedent here and neither one is willing to budge enough to complete a deal. San Diego is standing firm that they do not ever pay out 100% of signing bonuses at one time and Bosa's side wants to make sure that he gets the best deal his draft slot offers.

When asked twice if Joey Bosa was willing to sit out the entire season and re-enter the draft his side failed to give an answer. That's not a no though, and the spiteful joy in me would be over the top if he did pull a Bo Jackson and refused to play for the Chargers altogether after how ugly this has gotten.

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Chargers' scorched-earth move with Joey Bosa leaves few options
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