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Rival Report 8/26: Ezekiel Elliott visits Seattle Marijuana dispensary hours before Seahawks game

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a brand new rookie mistake for you, visiting a marijuana dispensary hours before a preseason game. That's what a video shows Dallas Cowboys rookie doing before his team took on the Seattle Seahawks last night. There are some things that you shouldn't have to be told not to do, being a professional athlete visiting a pot shop is one of those things.

Don't get me wrong here, I am not against marijuana dispensaries and I am for the NFL allowing medical marijuana use for their players. However, that's not the world we live in currently for NFL players, they are still expressly banned from using marijuana and therefore should remain far away from any pot shops. No matter how interesting it might be to visit a legal marijuana shop, just say no if you are an NFL player.

There is no video of Elliot actually purchasing anything or actually consuming anything, so he may have just been there to satisfy his own curiosity. I don't blame him for being curious if that is the case, but it is still a pretty damn bad decision on his part. It would be one thing for him nonchalantly to go and explore in the off-season but hours before a preseason game that he is going to be playing in? That's just bizarre.

This is also very intriguing simply because of who he plays for. The Dallas Cowboys have had a terrible go of it this off-season and really in general throughout Jerry Jones ownership era. They already have had several players suspended this off-season including Randy Gregory and Rolando McClain both getting 10 game suspensions for substance violations.

They better hope that Ezekiel Elliott was just looking because you can bet a drug test is coming and if he did consume then he could be another player added to the Cowboys long list of discrepancies. Either way their possible star rookie running back is providing plenty of things for the team to worry about, he was also accused of a possible domestic violence situation back in July after being drafted by the Cowboys besides this latest issue.

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