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Rival Report 8/4: QB Nick Foles signs with Kansas City Chiefs, reunites with Andy Reid

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The Dallas Cowboys are probably kicking themselves pretty good for not going after Nick Foles right away. They said they were happy with their QB's and wanted them to get as many snaps as they could. Unfortunately one of those snaps was the Fibula of their 2nd string QB Kellen Moore and now Foles has signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The somewhat surprising move does make a lot of sense for the Chiefs, especially with head coach Andy Reid already knowing Foles so well from their time together in Philly. In fact, it was Reid who used a 2nd round pick on Foles and then traded away Donovan McNabb to start the Foles era in Philadelphia before Chip Kelly arrived on the scene.

Now Foles is set to be the backup QB to Alex Smith in the same system that he was drafted to lead so many years ago. In fact, Nick Foles is actually capable of pushing Alex Smith for the starting job altogether if Smith were to back step at all this year. That's not what is expected to happen, but it does give KC options if worse came to worse.

The reason this is somewhat surprising is because the Chiefs had some O.K. talent behind Alex Smith already in QB's with Tyler Bray, Aaron Murray and this year's 5th round rookie Kevin Hogan. I guess the Chiefs weren't too enamored with any of their young quarterbacks to stop them from upgrading their backup spot with a seasoned veteran like Foles.

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