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Jack Del Rio: Karl Joseph, Clive Walford pulled back "preventative"

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As injuries in camps are reported daily, some of the season-ending variety, Jack Del Rio and the Raiders are making sure they take proper care with their young starters. For that reason, Del Rio said he didn't allow rookie top pick Karl Joseph and second year tight end Clive Walford to partake in the team's intense padded practice on Thursday.

Both players were sidelined for the entirety of the offseason workouts and practices due to knee injuries -- Joseph's was an ACL tear last season at West Virginia and Walford injured his knee in an ATV accident this offseason.

Joseph spent the practice yesterday doing light stretches with a trainer on the side, while Walford mostly just watched. Del Rio confirmed the decision to sit them out was a precaution in light of their previous injuries and the tough practice Thursday.

"We work hard to make sure that we're working smart, doing the right things with our guys so that they can be at their best," Del Rio added. "Just continue to strengthen and just kind of preventative and make sure we don't have issues. We'll push plenty, but there are times when you need to pull back a little bit, and with individuals, it may be wise to do so. And, when that's the case, we'll do that."

Joseph and Walford were back on the field today as the team had what Del Rio said was to "lighten it up" with just helmets and shells.