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Neiron Ball not practicing for Raiders

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Missing training camp practice today for the Raiders is linebacker Neiron Ball. The second year linebacker missed half his rookie season with a knee injury. That injury recovery kept him out of the team's entire offseason program. He was available from the start of camp.

He is at practice today, but standing on the sideline out of full uniform.

There are three possibilities; either it's a setback of the previous injury, a new injury, or just held as a precaution.

The third option becomes a possibility after Del Rio had held both Karl Joseph and Clive Walford out of practice last week. They too missed all of the offseason program.

"We work hard to make sure that we're working smart, doing the right things with our guys so that they can be at their best," Del Rio said at that time. "Just continue to strengthen and just kind of preventative and make sure we don't have issues."

Either way, it's worth monitoring. If Ball is back tomorrow, as Joseph and Walford were, it was just a preventative day. Or, of course, if Del Rio confirms it. If not, then we can discuss the first two possibilities.