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Raiders starters limited to first quarter in preseason opener in Arizona

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Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio wants to give the starters some playing time, but limit it so as to give everyone in the game who is able.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Football is just days away for the Raiders when they head to Arizona to face the Cardinals on Friday. As is standard, the starters will get a taste of the real thing for probably a couple series, with the backups and roster hopefuls getting the bulk of the reps on the game.

"They're definitely ready to see another team," said Del Rio. "You know, it's that time in camp and we welcome seeing new schemes and new players and new ways of doing things. You really like to test some of your principles anyway and things you do and make sure they hold up and they're as good as you think they are or maybe they need some work. So, certainly, a little bit of both are going to come out of these games."

Del Rio said he is "not dead set" on how much the starter will play, but that they figure to see a couple series and no more than a quarter of work.

"The typical way these first preseason games go is the first group will play [to the] end of the first quarter, no more than a quarter probably, and then we'll get a good look at everybody else on the roster," said Del Rio.

"Obviously, we stress effort first in everything that we do. So, we want to see great effort from our football team and try and play everybody. Everybody that's here in camp, we'd like to get a look at them and this is a game that everybody should play. Everybody that's ready to play should play and hopefully we can get that done."