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Rival Report 9/1: NFL Instant replay system vastly inferior to Canadian Football League's

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In what is absolutely a little silly, the Canadian Football League's Instant Replay now blows the NFL's system completely out of the water. Like, it's not even comparable anymore. Their entire setup is so much better than the NFL's, it's as if the NFL is still using black and white while the CFL is in UHD.

Think I am exaggerating? The CFL now has a full time video official who is allowed to look at the judgemental calls like pass interference, roughing the passer and other calls like it and overrule the on field officials. There is no doubt that Raider Nation would love to see a system instituted where an outside referee would be able to overrule some of the bullshit calls we see on a game to game basis!

That's not all though, the replay official that sits in his "command center" has the ability to overrule the on field officials on all sorts of issues from unreviewable penalty calls, alerting referees to administrative errors that they may have made and even ensure accurate identification of the players who actually committed the penalties. That last one is more for coaches who are reviewing film later on but still, accuracy is important and the Canadian system insures it much better than the NFL system does.

Besides the extra video official for CFL games, they also have a whole tablet/tv replay system along the sidelines for coaches to better view plays before deciding on whether to challenge them. The tablet system allows coaches to choose any play that happens to replay on the tablets right away and they even can watch those plays on a tv screen along the sidelines for an even better view.

These are both common sense things that the CFL is implementing that has the NFL watching intently to see how it goes. Not sure why they have to watch intently instead of actually implement the completely logical expansions to the systems, but if it means they will implement similar systems eventually then that is a good thing. The NFL already is trying out having their main offices watch on tv and speak with officials to help with replays but the CFL system is far better and allows for far more plays to be called correctly.

The next thing the leagues will have to try eventually is to put censors inside the football to allow technology to always know the proper placement of the ball and tell if it crossed the goal line or not. They also should add a system to technologically tell if a player had their feet in bounds or not. Tennis has had a technological system in place for years to tell if the tennis ball was in bounds or not, why not use a similar system to properly call NFL plays as well?

Oh no the human element would disappear and we would have proper calls instead of judgement calls?! That would be awful!

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