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Raiders vs. Seahawks Second Half Open Thread

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The A's lead the Mariners 2-0 at Coliseum.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was interesting! The vaunted Raider offense has done nothing whatsoever in this game, leading 2-0 by virtue of a safety scored by the defense. Seattle's offensive line has been as poor as everyone expected going into the season- this is a team so desperate for warm bodies that they signed J'Marcus Webb.

Connor Cook has been competent if not spectacular, but the two Raider backup running backs De'Andre Washington and Jalen Richard have been superb. They look incredibly tough and explosive and ready to contribute on special teams and on passing downs right away.

The Raider defensive line has been a juggernaut and shut down anything and everything Seattle has attempted to do. Were they playing possum against Green Bay and Tennessee? I guess we'll find out next week in New Orleans!

Stay tuned for the second half of the game, and as always we here at Silver and Black Pride led by the Great Raiderdamus and our Fearless Leader Levi Damien will have only the finest in post-game coverage when the game concludes.