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Rival Report 9/12: Chiefs steal opener vs. Chargers with franchise record comeback win

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Did you think the Raiders were the only team with a season opening 4th Quarter comeback victory? They weren't, they weren't even the only AFC West team to do it actually. That's because the Chiefs did it too, they came back from a 21 point deficit to beat the Chargers. That 21 point comeback is the largest in Kansas City franchise history by the way, not a shabby way for them to start off their 2016 season.

As good as the Chiefs are feeling after their improbable victory, the Chargers must feel 10x worse. They had this game locked up against the team that most prognosticators predict to win the AFC West, only to see their huge lead wiped out and then lost altogether in overtime. Way worse than the lost game even, the Chargers appear to have lost Keenan Allen to another season ending injury with a suspected ACL tear too.

That might just be the roughest way for a team to start a season in the history of the NFL. The Raiders got their butts whooped last year against the Bengals 33-13 and that was an awful experience but this loss by the Chargers makes last year's season opener for the Raiders look like a walk in the park. Seriously, they lost a 21 point lead against a divisional rival, that rival's largest comeback in franchise history, and they also lost their best playmaker for the season. Ouch.

Kansas City fans have a lot to be excited about after this victory, one that is as unlikely as they come. Just look at this probability chart for a second if you need some proof on how crazy of a comeback it was:

With all the hype about the Chiefs leading into this game it would have been rough for them to lose to a Chargers team that is not expected to be great this year. They took everything that Chargers team had to offer, and then turned on another gear to take every inch back and then some. It really is one hell of a way to kick off a season.

Obviously, for Raider Nation it would have been great to see the Chiefs lose this game with them expected be the AFC West champs this year. Unfortunately, their epic comeback stopped that from happening and gives them even more momentum to begin the season with. After finishing last season strong with 10 straight wins, to start out this year with a franchise record comeback really must give them a sense of invincibility.

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