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Raiders Color Rush uniforms are out: Silver on white

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After months of speculation and ‘leaks’ about what color combination the Raiders will be wearing, we finally have our first look at them. From the looks of it, the Raiders jersey will be silver on white.

Every team on Thursday night will wear their color rush uniform. The Raiders Thursday night game will happen in Kansas City on December 8. Initially the rumors had the Raiders in all black and the Chiefs in yellow. That doesn’t appear to be nearly the case. With the raiders in white and the Chiefs in all red.

Here’s a look at every team (via @ESPNNFL):

Color rush uniforms

And here is the promotional shot of Derek Carr in the uniform. All white top and silver bottom with silver numbers and black border and black line down the side of the pant leg..

Raider color rush

This style is not far from the Raiders’ classic away jerseys of the early 70s which had white tops and silver numbers with a thin black outline. The main difference being the bottoms which were silver on the classic jerseys and will be white as per 'Color Rush' style.

UPDATE: I have been informed that despite the above pictures appearing to be all white top and bottom, the uniforms are indeed white top and silver bottom just like the throwback version. This would appear to make the Raiders uniforms the only ones without the same color top and bottom.

Going with a throwback style seems like a nice compromise for a franchise that doesn't mess with their jerseys.