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NFL week two early games slate, open thread

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There are quite a few games to watch this morning either as you sit at home waiting for the Raiders game to start, or from your tailgate at the game.

If you're in Northern California, most of you will get either the Chiefs vs Texans on CBS or the 49ers vs Panthers on FOX. Those in Southern Cali will get the Bengals vs Steelers on CBS and no game on FOX. Click here to see the TV schedule in your area.

These are our staff picks for the early games:

Week 2 RDreamer Jeff Levi Marcus Tyler G Asher
New Orleans at N.Y. Giants NO NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG
Kansas City at Houston HOU KC KC HOU KC HOU
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh PIT PIT PIT PIT PIT PIT
Dallas at Washington DAL WAS DAL WAS WAS WAS
Miami at New England NE NE NE NE NE NE
Tennessee at Detroit DET DET DET TEN DET DET
Baltimore at Cleveland BAL BAL BAL BAL CLE BAL
San Francisco at Carolina CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR

Enjoy your early games as you ready yourself for the Raiders to face the Falcons in Oakland at 1:25pm.