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Raiders top pick Joseph to enter defensive lineup vs Titans: "It's time to see Karl"

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Monday Jack Del Rio was wondering, like the rest of us, why Raiders top pick safety Karl Joseph didn't see any defensive snaps.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Watching the Raiders give up an historic amount of yards in their first two games leads to a lot of questions. One of those naturally would be why in the world haven't we seen the team's top pick in this year's draft take the field yet? Del Rio was asked that question Monday, to which he responded that will change this week.

"I asked that question myself," said Del Rio of why Joseph didn't see any defensive snaps Sunday. "I really believed that he should have got in the game yesterday. We'll make sure that he gets in the game going forward. I think it's time to see Karl. Yeah, I think that's a fair question to ask. I think you can anticipate him getting some action this week."

In week one, the Raiders gave up over 500 yards in offense to the Saints. At the time, it was thought to be more a product of facing a high powered Saints offense in New Orleans. Then the defense had its doors blown off again Sunday against the Falcons; once again giving up over 500 yards of offense.

Starting ahead of Joseph, or even Nate Allen, at strong safety has been Keith McGill. It is not fair to place the blame for the defensive struggles on McGill starting over Joseph, and that's certainly not what the Del Rio is doing.

What he is doing is looking to ensure the Raiders are putting their best 11 players on the field. And when you spend a first round pick (14 overall) on a player, and he is healthy as Joseph is, and your defense is hemorrhaging yards and touchdowns, you don't have the luxury of sitting your top pick rookie.