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Raiders preseason week four snap counts vs Seahawks: Undrafted rookie wideouts get long look

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With a few roster spots still up for grabs as well as practice squad spots, the Raiders set out to make those decisions in their final preseason game. That meant players who they had already seen perform and knew what to expect from, didn't see quite as much time -- and in some cases saw no time at all -- while others saw a lot of snaps.

Leading the way in snaps was the offensive linemen, which was nearly the same the whole way through. The notable exception was Austin Howard, who rolled his ankle and had to leave the game after playing 19 snaps. This had rookie guard Vadal Alexander move to right tackle.

Alexanders along with Matt McCants, Oni Omoile, and Denver Kirkland each played every snap in this game. Jon Feliciano is the only reserve offensive lineman who didn't play in the game. Refer back to what I said about them knowing what they have in him.

Starting the game at wide receiver was Seth Roberts and Andre Holmes. But they played just two series before being sat down the rest of the game.

After that, it was all about the undrafted rookie receivers. Leading the way was KJ Brent followed by Johnny Holton, and then Jaydon Mickens. For the second week in a row, Brent led the team in receiving. This time catching 4 passes for 59 yards. Mickens was second with 3 catches for 43 yards, while Holton had just one catch for 6 yards.

Matt McGloin played just the first quarter before being replaced by Connor Cook for the final three quarters. After seeing only special team snaps last week, Neiko Thorpe led all defensive backs in snaps.

Here are all the snap counts for the game:

M McCants T 65 100% S Calhoun LB 54 87%
V Alexander G 65 100% N Thorpe CB 46 74%
O Omoile C 65 100% K Toomer LB 45 73%
D Kirkland G 65 100% D Latham DT 41 66%
C Cook QB 53 82% A Hamilton DB 40 65%
K Brent WR 49 75% B Jackson DE 40 65%
M Bell G 46 71% D McDonald CB 34 55%
J Holton WR 45 69% C James LB 32 52%
J Mickens WR 38 58% J Ward DE 32 52%
D Washington RB 37 57% K Joseph DB 31 50%
R O'Malley TE 35 54% D McDonald DB 30 48%
M Rivera TE 28 43% D Autry DE 29 47%
J McGee TE 23 35% G Townsend DE 27 44%
G Atkinson RB 22 34% K McGill CB 25 40%
M Hall WR 22 34% K Durden DB 24 39%
A Howard T 19 29% B Trawick SS 21 34%
M McGloin QB 12 18% S McGee NT 21 34%
J Richard RB 11 17% T Carrie CB 20 32%
A Holmes WR 8 12% D Iddings DE 18 29%
S Roberts WR 7 11% D Bates LB 17 27%
J Lotulelei LB 17 27%
D Lott DT 17 27% 3 9%
K Wilson LB 13 21%
J Cowser DE 8 13%