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Raiders week 3 report card vs Titans: Offense takes second half off

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The report card for the Raiders week three performance against the Titans

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders week three game against the Tennessee Titans was built up to be a high scoring shootout, it was the opposite. The Raiders offense which has been lights out started off strong scoring 17 points in the first half, and then were shut out the entire second half of the game. Luckily, the defense saved the day and the Raiders walked away with a 17-10 victory over the Titans.

Passing game

The passing attack started off with a bang when Derek Carr connected with Amari Cooper for a 25-yard reception on the first play of the game. After that, things began to regress throughout the entire game for the passing offense. Drops plagued the receivers and killed multiple drives. Derek Carr didn't have his best game and was inaccurate at times, but he certainly wasn't horrible by any means. After having two excellent performances, I would say he had an average game week three with 249 yards passing, a touchdown, and an interception. As for the offensive line, they excelled only allowing one sack and providing Carr plenty of time to throw the ball. The only downside for the big men up front was that they were called for too many holding penalties which ultimately ruined drives.

Overall, the offense disappeared in the second half, in large part due to dropped passes. The passing game started off strong, but ultimately almost blew the game by not scoring a single point after halftime.

Grade: C

Running game

Another week, another game the Raiders have rushed for over 100 yards making it three in a row. This group has been extremely impressive and a big reason is due to the fact that they have the luxury of rotating three solid running backs and keep them running on fresh legs.

Latavius Murray showed off his power with a 22-yard touchdown run in which he broke a tackle. Murray struggled afterwards with 15 yards on 9 carries, but the touchdown was awesome to see as he is finally running hard. Jalen Richard had some nice runs including a catch for a first down. DeAndre Washington stole the show though as his shiftiness helped him total 57 yards on just 6 carries (9.5 yards average).

I cannot understate how dominant the Raiders offensive line has played thus far. I mentioned how the ability to rotate running backs has helped this group, but the play off the offensive line is the true reason behind how the Raiders transitioned from a nonexistent rushing attack to one of the league's best.

Grade: B+


So many times, fans look at a lack of production and immediately blame the coaching. Bill Musgrave actually called a solid game as there were so many times that receivers were open. What stalled the offense was that those same receivers dropped passes and the offensive line was constantly called for holding. If you want to ruin a drive, just drop a pass or get called for a penalty.

Grade: A

Overall Offensive Grade: B-

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