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Mark Davis says Marcel Reece has ‘a spot for him within the Raiders organization’ after playing career

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Mark Davis made a solum statement today following the release of Marcel Reece.

Raiders owner Mark Davis has made no secret of his respect and affection for Marcel Reece. The Pro Bowl fullback has been held up by Davis as the standard bearer of the organization in recent years. The two could also be seen regularly together at Hooters, including the night Davis interviewed Jack Del Rio as the next head coach.

So, it’s understandable the decision to release Reece after 8 years with the club would come with great

“Today is a sad day for the Raider family and entire Raider Nation,” said Davis in a statement. “My father once said that I would have a tough time running this organization because I was too close to the players, and that rings true today.

“Marcel Reece has been a pillar of the organization for nine years and was the glue that held us together during a tough transition after my father’s passing. He helped put us on the upward path we are on today and his leadership will be sorely missed.

“The motto, ‘Once a Raider, Always a Raider,’ has never been more appropriate. When Marcel finishes his playing career, there will always be a spot for him within the Raider organization. Until then, I wish only the best for Marcel and his entire family.”

Reece was well known as a face of the Raiders and one of the few players on the team still remaining from before the new regime. He wore his ‘AL’ T-shirt under his jersey for every game which memorialized the late Al Davis.