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Korey Toomer terminates contract with Raiders to sign with Chargers

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The Raiders preseason standout linebacker finds his opportunity elsewhere.

A few things happened this week that seem to have something to do with one another. Marcel Reece was released, Korey Toomer terminated his contract from the practice squad, and the Raiders finally filled the roster spot they oddly left vacant for the first three weeks of the season by calling up Denver Kirkland from the practice squad.

It was the day after the team let go of Reece that Toomer terminated his contract. The team most likely had already made their decision to activate Kirkland. Toomer saw his opportunity elsewhere open up and took it — leaving to sign with the Chargers.

Toomer joined the Raiders last season and spent ten games with the team, playing exclusively on special teams. He stepped up and played really well this preseason and looked like he may earn another spot on the roster. He didn’t get that spot, but was signed to the practice squad after clearing waivers.

While the Raiders have been plagued with injuries along the Oline, the Chargers have been just flat out plagued with injuries. The latest was inside linebacker Manti Te’o who was placed on injured reserve with a torn Achilles. Toomer takes his roster spot.

Following his joining the Chargers, Toomer took to Twitter to thank the Raiders and the fans.

Replacing Toomer on the Raiders practice squad is Demetrius Cherry a 6-6, 300-pound defensive tackle out of Arizona.