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Rival Report 9/29: Players shouldn't trust NFL says Seahawks' Richard Sherman

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Richard Sherman is probably the most well known NFL critic out of all the players in the NFL and the outspoken Seattle Seahawks player is at it again. This time his critique comes way of the Players Tribune as part of his video series for the site about his life both on and off the field. As always, agree with him or not, Richard Sherman lays it all out there bluntly and honestly for the world to see.

The analogy that Richard Sherman uses in the video above compares NFL players to race cars, stating that they are taken care of just enough to still be able to perform when they are needed to. It's a startlingly accurate analogy and one that the NFL desperately needs to start addressing.

Is there really anybody out there that can deny what he is saying? You can question how much of that is on the league itself when players made the decisions on their own to play this violent game, but you can't really legitimately say the NFL cares more about their players' safety than they do about their bottom line.

They don't, and in a sport where so many of it's players are leaving without their wits intact that is a real problem. When Cam Newton is brutalized by the Denver Broncos in the season opening game after the NFL promised to be more proactive in watching for that exact type of treatment, it proves the point that Sherman is making.

As powerful of a video as this is from Richard Sherman, I think what he actually wrote in The Players Tribune in the preface that accompanied the video might be even more powerful.

"We play a violent game that has a one hundred percent injury rate. So now that we're a couple of weeks into the season, everybody's banged up — some guys worse than others, some teams worse than others. But everybody's feeling it. It just comes with the territory — decisions and sacrifices you willingly make coming into this game.

"But as dedicated as we players are to this game, it's getting more and more difficult to ignore the fact that we don't have a league that shows the same kind of dedication when it comes to taking care of the players who are laying their bodies on the line every Sunday."

That is as brutally honest as it gets, something we have come to expect from Richard Sherman. Just think of how badly he will be ripping the NFL when he isn't being paid by them any longer and he doesn't have to worry about the repercussions caused by his willingness to speak freely.

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