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Waiver claim deadline passed, practice squad creation within the hour

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The deadine for claiming players on the waiver wire has now passed. It came at 9am Pacific, which means we should soon find out which players the Raiders claimed (if any) and who those claimed players will replace. The Raiders are 14th in the waiver order, so there's a chance players they want won't make it to them. We should soon find out who they were able to land as well as who of their waived players were claimed by other teams.

One move expected is Mario Edwards Jr placed on injured reserve for at least the first six weeks. Another player who figures to have his time on the 53-man roster be a short one is Antonio Hamilton, who could ultimately head to the practice squad when all is said and done.

The creation of the practice squad will begin at 10am. Some leading contenders for the practice squad from my projections (along with Hamilton) include:

RB George Atkinson III
WR KJ Brent
WR Jaydon Mickens
TE Ryan O'Malley
G/C Oni Omoile
G/T Denver Kirkland
DE Greg Townsend Jr
DE Branden Jackson

There are 10 players per practice squad. Six of those players must not have an accrued NFL season (8 games). The other four may have up to 2 accrued seasons. Players can't be placed on the practice squad more than three years. For instance, GA3 has been on the Raiders' practice squad the past two seasons, so he has one more year of eligibility.