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Raiders 10-man practice squad now complete

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As of 10am Pacific time on Saturday, the Raiders could begin signing players to their practice squad. A few players who may have been placed on the squad are no longer available to do so -- James Cowser, who was placed on IR, and George Atkinson III who was claimed off waivers by the Browns.

But there were many good players who did clear waivers and could be brought back to the practice squad. Here is the list of practice squad players:

TE  Ryan O'Malley

WR  KJ Brent

WR Jaydon Mickens

OL Oni Omoile

OL Denver Kirkand

LB Korey Toomer

CB Kenneth Durden

DE Branden Jackson

LB Curtis Grant

DE Jason Fanaika

All signings are official.

This completed the 10-man practice squad for now. The final two players were signed from other team's cuts, while all others were from the Raiders cuts as they are players the team is already familiar with. To be eligible for the practice squad, players can't have more than two accrued seasons, and six of them can't have more than one accrued season (8 games).

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