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Rival Report 9/6: What decal? Tom Brady reportedly denies removing NFL logo sticker from helmet

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Surprise, surprise everyone! Tom Brady is reportedly denying having anything to do with the missing NFL logo decal from the back of his helmet this preseason. Every NFL players' helmet sports the NFL logo on the back, but coincidentally Tom Brady's was missing after accepting his 4-game suspension for deflategate.

That's right, it must have been the New England equipment guys again with absolutely no knowledge of it from Tom Brady. For a guy whose job it is to scan NFL defenses and notice every slight alignment and adjustment that the defense makes against him, Tom Brady sure isn't a very perceptive fellow.

Deflated footballs you say? Didn't notice. Missing NFL decal from my helmet when everybody else has it? Didn't notice. The majority of the entire world outside of the Patriots fan base believes that I am lying? Didn't notice.

At least, that is what is being reported by Tom Curran of CSN New England during his appearance on PFT LIve on NBC Sports Radio. Curran stated on the radio show that Brady would deny any knowledge of the missing decal that was believed to be a silent protest by Brady against the NFL.

This is one of those circumstances that will likely never be proven one way or another, and Brady's denial probably puts an end to any type of extra punishment coming from the NFL over it. Then again, it's the NFL and they have already shown a propensity to do whatever the hell they want regarding punishing players so maybe there will still be some kind of fine coming down for the missing decal. This is the league that punishes players for wearing the wrong socks after all.

Still, it's awfully hard to believe Brady had no knowledge of the missing logo. Sure, it might have been the equipment folk failing at doing their job or secretly making a statement of their own but it's still hard to believe Brady didn't notice it was missing. The NFL logo is literally on every single helmet in the NFL, it seems like it would be pretty glaring to see the empty space where the logo should have been with even a quick glance at the back of the helmet.

In the grand scheme of things this is obviously a "nothing big" moment, but it does come off as petty to deny it anyway. Maybe he really didn't notice that the logo was missing though, it is slightly plausible. The coincidence of his helmet being the only one missing the decal is a mighty tough pill to swallow though. The odds of that being accidental are likely just as big of odds as an NFL QB not noticing that the ball he was throwing was deflated.

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