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Matt McGloin has rough first start, knocked out of game second quarter with injury, replaced by Connor Cook

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Matt McGloin’s first start in three years was rough to say the least. He was 6 of 11 for 21 yards and not once did he call a play on the Denver side of the field. That was before getting hitting up the middle and knocked out of the game with an injured shoulder.

With McGloin heading to the locker for test, the Broncos offense was driving the ball down the field for another touchdown.

In third and 8 at the Oakland 33-yard-line, the Broncos were called for holding. Declining the penalty would mean fourth down and a 50-yard field goal attempt, so Del Rio accepted it to put them out of field goal range in third and 18. On the next play, Siemian dumped the ball off to Devontae Booker on a screen and he took it 43 yards for the touchdown.

Connor Cook entered the game for McGloin, going three-and-out and the two teams headed for the locker room with the Broncos dominating the hapless Raiders 17-0.

If they were going to make their biggest comeback of the season, they would have to do it with third string rookie Connor Cook at the helm.