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NFL playoff picture: Chiefs win AFC West, Raiders fall to five seed

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Yesterday, the Raiders had a shot to take the number one seed. The Patriots win took that out of the equation. So, the Raiders were playing for the AFC West and the two seed. The only way that wouldn’t happen is with a loss in Denver and a Chiefs win in San Diego.

That’s exactly what happened.

The Raiders were trounced in Denver 24-6 to the Broncos and the Chiefs took down the Chargers 37-27 in San Diego. Now the Raiders back into the playoffs as the five seed. Here is the final AFC playoff standings.

1. New England Patriots 14-2 (AFC East)

2. Kansas City Chiefs 12-4 (AFC West)

3. Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5 (AFC North)

4. Houston Texans 9-7 (AFC South)

5. Oakland Raiders 12-4 (Wildcard)

6. Miami Dolphins 10-6 (Wildcard)

Even tied for the second best record in the division, the sweep at the hands of division rival Chiefs means they lose the tiebreaker and are a wildcard, headed to Houston in the opening weekend.

It’s a sad end to an otherwise fantastic season for the Raiders.