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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Lions vs. Packers

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One more regular season game to go.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Well, today went about as poorly as it could possibly go for the Raiders. I'll cover that elsewhere. But for those of you who, for whatever reason, still enjoy football, there's one more game tonight. This one will determine who wins the NFC North, between the Lions and the Packers.

The Lions have had a tough schedule of late and it shows. They've been on a bit of a losing streak and they need to win this game in order to secure the division. Matthew Stafford has been great this season, but he's had to be, as the Lions have no running game at all. It's all on his shoulders.

The Packers have been on a winning streak lately. Several weeks ago they were in grave danger of missing the playoffs altogether, particularly after a thorough drubbing by the Titans at home. Aaron Rodgers was unperturbed, telling fans not to worry, because the Packers would win out. So far, they have just done that. Can the Lions make a liar of Rodgers?

Tonight's game will be at 5:20 Pacific and you can stream it live here.