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Matt McGloin status for Wild Card game in doubt, Raiders could start Connor Cook

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Nothing about Matt McGloin’s start in place of the injured Derek Carr in Denver was as the Raiders had hoped. He completed just 6 passes on 11 attempts for 21 yards and never took a snap in Denver territory. Then, as they say, there was injury added to insult, with McGloin getting knocked out of the game with a shoulder injury.

“I just got hit,” said McGloin after the game. “I got drove into the ground a little bit and that’s what did it.”

“I just felt like what was best for the team at that time was for Connor to get in there. My left arm just wasn’t feeling good.”

“I couldn’t throw in my normal motion. I just gotta be in there bright and early and get treatment and get healthy.”

McGloin was replaced by rookie fourth round pick Connor Cook. Making his first appearance in an NFL game, Cook had an up and down game.

To begin the second half, he was sacked and fumbled the ball away to the Broncos, which they capitalized on for their final touchdown and a 24-0 lead.

Later in the third quarter, Cook completed a three-play drive with the third play being . a 32-yard touchdown pass to Amari Cooper. That was the flash of positivity because he didn’t do much else aside from throwing a late interception.

Not much in the game would have either quarterback as a favorite to start next week, though from the sounds of it, McGloin would once again get the call if he is healthy enough to go.

“Well, I think we’ll see how healthy [McGloin] is and we’ll make a decision from there,” said Del Rio. “But obviously he’s got a little more experience and been in our system a little longer. But I thought Connor did a nice job in the opportunities he had.”

The decision on who gets the start may well be taken out of Del Rio’s hands with NFL media’s Ian Rapoport reporting the team is “not optimistic” about McGloin’s availability.

Both quarterbacks will be preparing as if they will be the starter. Though each’s focus will be on different things.

“That’s my mindset right now. I want to play,” said McGloin. “I wanted to play out there tonight, it’s just what’s best for the team. If I’m not 100% healthy, that’s not what this team needs. But I plan on being 100% healthy and I’m going to do everything I can in the training room or in the weight room to try to get myself back to 100%.”

“I’m gonna do what I’ve been doing all year,” said Cook. “Even when I was inactive I was still watching film, still studying the game plan, so going over everything, my reads and all that, so it’s not going to change anything for me, I’m going to still prep as if I’m playing. It doesn’t matter if I’m the backup, the starter, or whatever.”

Not an ideal situation to be in heading into the playoffs. Interesting considering they will be facing a Texans team which has some quarterback issues of their own.