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NFL 101 Awards 2017: Jack Del Rio to be named AFC Coach of the Year, Khalil Mack DPOY

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Today the 101 Awards announced this year’s recipients and there are a couple Raiders among them. Jack Del Rio is their selection for AFC Coach of the Year and Khalil Mack is AFC Defensive Player of the Year.

The 101 Awards banquet will be held on February 26.

The full list of award recipients are as follows:

AFC Coach of the Year: Jack Del Rio
NFC Coach of the Year: Jason Garrett
AFC Offensive Player of the Year: Tom Brady
NFC Offensive Player of the Year: Ezekiel Elliott
AFC Defensive Player of the Year: Khalil Mack
NFC Defensive Player of the Year: Landon Collins

Following each NFL season, a civic organization called “The Committee of 101” hosts the 101 Awards, Kansas City’s Salute to Professional Football. The recipients are selected by 101 members of the national media.

This nationally-renowned event was initiated in 1969 by a group headed by Kansas City businessman Jack O. Wheeler to honor outstanding achievements in professional football.